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Endpoint Cybersecurity and Email Server Protection Solution

2020-08-19 16:28:31
Universidad de Málaga
The Sermicro Group has been awarded the project to provide the EndPoint for Business cyber security solution and email server protection for the University of Malaga.
The EndPoint cybersecurity solution combines IT efficiency and security, allowing:
  • Saving time by automating software and operating system implementation tasks
  • Encrypting data to prevent damage caused by data leakage on lost devices
  • Optimizing centralized security management with a web or cloud console
  • Detecting vulnerabilities and patches to reduce attack entry points

Security for Linux Mail Server, on the other hand, offers security, flexibility and ease of management, providing a wide range of essential security features for Linux mail servers (such as anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-phishing and content filtering).
The Sermicro Group has the certification (Platinum Partner) and specialization in this type of solutions from Kaspersky, which allows it to offer the solutions that best suit the needs of customers, thus ensuring maximum defense for all types of equipment, applications, systems, etc.

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